8 Easy Ways to Save At Least $100 Every Month

money saving tipsBy saving $100 every month your bank account will have an extra $1200 in a year. This additional money could be used towards student loans, rent or even fund a weekend getaway.

Whether you are accustomed to paying bills or are new to living on your own, the concept of saving $100 a month is appealing. Now you might be reading this and asking yourself, “How can I possibly reduce my budget?” Don’t fret, we will show you how simple it can be to save money.

Here are eight easy ways to save at least $100 this month:

Reduce Entertainment Budget

Consider how much time you watch TV. Are the two hours a night worth the bill? Instead, we recommend streaming an entertainment service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon to save money.

Keep in mind that if you choose to cut the cable cord, your access to sports is nearly gone. If you cannot see yourself missing the game, do not worry! You still have options to save money.

One way is to purchase a new modem. To demonstrate, Time Warner charges $6 a month to rent a modem.This adds up to $72 a year. Rather than renting a modem, purchase one from Amazon for around $40 and forget about the monthly fee.


Brew your coffee at home: While the Starbucks drive through may be convenient, let’s face it; it is an unnecessary cost. Your daily $2.25 Starbucks drink can quickly add up to around $65 a month, which results in almost $800 a year. Red alert! That is a lot of money for coffee! We suggest investing in a coffee maker so that you are able to brew your own coffee each morning and save money along the way.

Pack your lunch: We all know how easy it is to slip down to the café for lunch, but that $8 meal each day adds up. Even if you ate out for lunch for three days, that totals to $24 a week, resulting in around $96 a month! You can fix this easily by taking the extra few minutes to pack your lunch… it will be worth it in the long run.

Clean Your Refrigerator

Dirty refrigerator coils extract energy and cash in your wallet. In order to reduce your bill, we recommend taking some time to clean the coils with a vacuum, soapy water and rag. By doing this once a month, your refrigerator will run more efficiently.

In addition to keeping your refrigerator in prime working condition, you will notice a subtraction in energy costs.

Reduce Air Conditioning Use

Powering up the AC can be a force of habit. Before increasing the air conditioning, there are other solutions to cool down your apartment. First, try opening a window to bring in fresh air. Second, install window shades to reduce the warmth. Third, clean the vents to provide for better circulation.

These tips are significant to utilize because powering up the AC depletes your bank account. The potential amount of money you will save is circumstantial; nonetheless, these tips will significantly help in lowering your utility bill.

Reduce Running Your Dishwasher

We recommend only running the dishwasher when it is full. By doing so, you will not only save water but you will also save money on the electrical bill as well.

When you cannot fit another dish in the dishwasher, choose the shortest wash cycle to use less energy. This setting will work on the dirtiest of dishes and it will help to reduce energy costs.

Unplug Electronics

This is as simple as it sounds. Electronics plugged in consume energy, which fuels your bill.

Power strips are an essential tool for cutting costs. Use a power strip to plug in your electronics that sit in close proximity. When you do not need the cords plugged in, simply turn off the power strip to save energy. Through utilizing these electronic tips, you should notice a reduction in energy costs.

Replace Light Bulbs

Cut expenses and save the environment at the same time! Through replacing just five of your most frequently used light fixtures, you can save a minimum of $75 a year. Replace your current bulbs with halogen incandescent, CFL, or LED light bulbs to save money.

Change In A Jar

The Huffington Post claims that, by collecting your change, you can save up to $10 per month. Make this a daily habit and see how much you can save!

We guarantee that implementing one or all of these budgeting tips will help to save a good amount of money and reduce your monthly utility bills. Once you begin exercising these methods, it will soon become a force of habit. Good luck and happy saving!