Grandview. What a wonderful neighborhood!

Grandview has so much to offer including shopping, entertainment and food (you say restaurant, I say food). The Columbus Food Adventures Grandview Avenue Walking Food Tour is one of those things you don’t want to miss! The tour is led by an experienced guide who will share their multitude of culinary and historical knowledge with you during the 7 stops. One of the themes of the tour is the contrast of the old and new that Grandview is home to. Some of the stops include Stauf’s and Third and Hollywood (stops are subject to change). Experience some delectable food as you soak up some history. For more information, please visit their website…/…/grandview-avenue-tour. While you are on their website, be sure to check out the other awesome tours as well. Have you been on a Columbus Food Tour? If so, we would love to hear your feedback!

The Apartments on Edgehill isn’t just a great community but we are also in a grand neighborhood! Live. Work. Play. Stay. Neighborhood + Community = Home!

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What’s In Your Mailbox Today?

Have you ever been waiting on a super important piece of mail or a special package? A birthday card from your grandmother, a letter from home or a rebate check? Those are just a few things you might even go home on your lunch just to see if it has arrived yet. Did you know that the USPS (United States Postal Service) now offers a cool feature called Informed Delivery? If you sign up for this free service, you will get an email every morning that will give you a digital preview of your mail that was scanned for delivery on that day. You can also manage your packages scheduled to arrive soon!

The best part is how easy it is to get signed up. Simply go to their website,, and click on Informed Delivery at the top of the page and then click on Sign Up for Free. Registering is easy and free! You can be getting emails as early as the next day. You’re welcome :).

Please leave a comment below if you found this helpful or if you have tried Informed Delivery.

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Did you know that we are on Facebook? Like and follow our page to stay up to date on resident events, available units and more!!

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Tips For a Faster Move-Out

No matter what, moving out quickly will keep the whole operation efficient and get you moved in and ready to start setting up your new place in a timely manner– and who doesn’t want to begin hanging curtains and arranging furniture as soon as possible?

Here are three tips that will make moving out go much faster:

  1. Start Packing Early

You may not think it matters how early you start packing as long as everything is ready to go by moving day, and to an extent that’s true. However, packing up early will give you ample time to go through your belongings and get rid of excess stuff you never use or don’t need.

It doesn’t make sense to move more than you have to, so taking time to downsize will speed up the whole moving process. Packing early will also help you keep things organized and stress-free.

  1. Stay Organized

A systematic packing process can greatly increase your efficiency on moving day. Organize all of your boxes by room and make sure you know what’s in each one. You can label the boxes with all of the items that are in them, number the boxes and keep a list of items separately, or even take pictures of everything that’s going into each box.

  1. Prepare Everything the Night Before

You shouldn’t have anything to do on moving day but move. That means everything from cleaning out the fridge, to repairing the holes in your walls, to packing up every last toiletry should be done the night before.

Keep some items that you’ll need that night or the next morning in a small suitcase or tote, and put everything else in its box. You should also confirm your truck rental and make sure your friends know what time to head over the next day.

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Why You Should Choose Columbus Ohio!


If you’re about to begin searching for apartments in Columbus, Ohio, consider yourself lucky to be moving to such a fun and diverse city. The state capital has a centuries-long story and is known as one of the fastest-growing leaders in the world of technology.

Columbus has also been recognized for being a great destination for businesses and young professionals, and on top of that, has some amazing opportunities for entertainment, dining and shopping. Plus, the city is beautiful, with tons of parks and a convergence of rivers that makes for some scenic areas.

Columbus, Ohio, is also well-known for its several and varied neighborhoods that make up the town. Some are more on the quiet and residential side, while others are a hot spot for activity and nightlife, but all of them are great places to live. So, if you’re looking for apartments in Columbus Ohio, take a look at our neighborhood guide to get your search started!

Short North–  The Short North Arts district is home to many quaint art galleries, restaurants, night clubs, bars and boutique shops.  Not only is this area an awesome night-life destination but it is considered a great place to live, due to its diversity.

Grandview Heights–  Much like the Short North, Grandview is a great place for some night-life action but is on the rise for residential living among all walks of life!  Located just a few blocks west of downtown Columbus which makes for the perfect living location.  This is also where you can find us!  The Apartments On Edgehill.

German Village–  German Village is known for its long history, beautiful historic residences and fun little bars and restaurants.   This are is located just South of downtown and is a great place to take a stroll through the park with pets or friends.

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