Events in Grandview Heights

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Welcome to Grandview!  Whether this is your new home or you have conveniently relocated to the Apartments On Edgehill, Grandview and other nearby locations offer many weekly, monthly and yearly events right around the corner.  Here are some up and coming events in the area.

The Grandview Hop!  This is the go-to spring and summer event.  Live music, great restaurants and buzzing art galleries are open late during the last Saturday of each month.  This event takes place May through September and is a great chance to meet some of your new neighbors and other local residents.

Gallery Hop. Located just a mile and a half away, the Short North Art District hosts its famous Gallery Hop.  This event takes place the first Saturday of each month and just like The Grandview Hop, the Short North is the home to many amazing art galleries, bars and restaurants.

Grandview Digfest.  The Grandview Digfest stands for “Drinks in Grandview” and is hosted to showcase the many Bars and restaurants that have the finest craft beers, wines and liqueurs.  Digfest takes places in the Grandview Yard and is free!

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