Garage and Carport Rental Rates in the Grandview Heights Area

Apartment Parking GrandviewResident and visitor parking is one of the most important things to take into consideration when hunting for your new apartment home, especially during this time of year with plummeting temperature and threat of snow. Apartment parking options can mean the difference between dreaded mornings of scraping ice from your windshield in freezing temperatures and quickly leaving for work in a snow-free, de-iced car.

Apartment parking affects your guests as well. Visitor parking will either require visitor passes, street parking, or they may be able to use a designated visitor’s lot depending on what the apartment complex provides.

So what is the cost of such amenities, you ask? The garage and carport rates for apartment communities in the Grandview area range anywhere from $50 per month all the way to $190 per month.

  • Apartments At The Yard – $80 – $100 for carports and detached garages
  • Arena Crossing – $95 – $190 for parking garage spaces
  • Flats On Vine – $95 unassigned garage spaces
  • Tribeca – $95 – $125 for detached garages and parking garage spaces
  • Apartments On Edgehill – $65 for assigned carports

While some communities may have surveillance cameras or gates, others may not. Take the extra steps to protect your vehicle while it is parked.

  • Keep valuables out of sight or take them indoors with you. This is the easiest precaution to take!
  • Do not leave cash, blank checks, debit cards or coins out in the open
  • Lock your doors
  • Request a space under a street lamp or in a higher traffic area

No matter if you are looking to move to Grandview Heights or elsewhere in Columbus, always shop around and find which apartment offers and parking situations best fit your needs!