Grandview Internet Providers: What to Consider When Renting an Apartment

internet devicesWhen hunting for an apartment in Grandview, there are many elements to consider. One of the decisions you will need to resolve is choosing an internet provider. It is crucial to determine what the internet and cable provider options are for each potential apartment complex.

It is easy to be fooled by upscale apartments who claim to have an exclusive deal with the best internet speed and lowest cost. In many of these instances, the landlords are in a contract with one internet provider. This means that the tenants of the complex are forced to use the provider offered or none at all.

So, if you care about what internet and cable provider your apartment has, it is necessary to research the options in your area. We recommend evaluating the service quality, price and your individual needs in order to find the best provider.

The Grandview and Columbus markets are served by AT&T U-verse, Time Warner and WOW. Between these three carriers there is a massive difference in price and service quality. While the prices can be easily evaluated, the difference in quality of service is a little more complicated.

Service Quality

The quality of service is best valued by the speed at which the internet is delivered to your apartment. This speed is called mega bytes per second or MBPS. In Franklin County, the highest MPBS available for luxury apartments is about 45MPBS.

To illustrate, with a 45MPBS speed, a two-bedroom apartment with four people would be able to stream a video or play a video game on four separate devices simultaneously without the reduction of speed. Not to mention, you could even stream the pet channel for your dog or cat too.

Although, if you have a one bedroom apartment your needs may be quite different. This is essential to keep in mind when choosing your provider.


AT&T offers 45MPBS (measure of bandwidth) with their U-verse product for around $70.00 per month. By comparison, Time Warner streams around 6 MPBS for about $40.00 per month. WOW has similar limitations to Time Warner.

While AT&T is the most expensive it offers the fastest Internet due to fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cables obtain a greater bandwidth which allows for users to stream videos on multiple devices without delay.

On the other hand, Time Warner and WOW use coaxial cables. Coaxial cables provide a slower speed; however, it is more cost efficient.

Go Your Own Way

The best-case scenario is for you to have options in choosing your internet and cable provider with your apartment complex. That way, it’s your decision on how your money will be spent.

Unfortunately, there are very few landlords that offer the tenant the option of U-verse or AT&T because fiber optic cable is only available in certain areas of town.

If you are able to, we advise going directly to the provider to negotiate the price. When you call and speak with a representative the price is negotiable and deals are offered all the time.

Getting Started

Begin your service by learning the details of what your complex offers. Evaluate the options and choose the service that best fits into your particular lifestyle.

If your complex does not require you to use their service, you should determine what services in your area have the best details.

Good luck in your research! Contact us today to hear about our multiple internet provider options!